We help cities to meet their sustainable development and Smart City goals by giving workers access to workspace closer to where they need to be.

According to the UN, almost 70% of the global population will soon live in urban areas. Through technology, we instantly connect workers to the most convenient workspaces near them which reduces their need to commute (particularly at peak times), resulting in less pollution, less congestion, and less pressure on existing transport infrastructure; making cities happier, healthier places to live.

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Partnering with Workspaces

Cityworks provides flexible workspace operators with an economic and operational model that enables them to sustainably participate in their smart city’s workplace network.

Long-term Usability

iOS and Android apps make it easy for workers to access the workspace network and an easy-to-use dashboard enables organisations to manage which staff use the app.

Measuring What Matters

Accurate data gathering assesses the impact on: public transport usage; average commute lengths; overall participant satisfaction; and how this can help cities meet their smart city goals.

The Benefits

  • For Cities

    Using technology to optimise the way people work in urban areas, we can help cities to reach their sustainable development goals by using existing infrastructure more effectively, reducing pollution, developing a low carbon economy, and consuming fewer resources.

  • For Citizens

    In the UK, it is estimated that the average employee will spend 108 minutes a day and a total of £135,000 through their career commuting. We can empower workers to commute less - saving money - but most importantly, finding more time to spend with friends and family, engaging in hobbies, sleeping, and exercising.

  • For Employers

    Work-life balance is the most important working benefit to modern employees. In terms of job satisfaction, it’s even more important than salary. Organisations that give staff access to convenient flexible workspaces can address their employees’ needs, while also reducing overall carbon footprint.

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