Something Bigger

Access to quality workspace for workers, wherever they are - less commuting, increased productivity, better well-being.

Increase Revenue

We help you seamlessly monetise your excess occupancy by directing our members to your space.

Never Pay

We pay you for the time your space is used, and we charge you nothing.

How Desana Works

Our members pay a monthly fee to access the whole network of spaces.

When they are in your space, we will pay you for the time that they are there at a rate that's fair for them, and fair for you.

We give you access to the data on how your space was used, how much we'll pay for the month, and users reviews of your space.

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Be Part of Something Bigger

We're working to reduce the strain on our city's infrastructure during peak commuting times.

Empowering people to reduce their commute length by giving them access to a network of quality work space not only reduces their carbon footprint, but is also proven to increase happiness, and work-life balance.

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