Frequently Asked Questions


What’s Desana?

Desana is like having an office… wherever you need one.

Join remote workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads by working from any space in the network as and when you need to.

Don’t want to brave the commute? Work somewhere local to you. Got a morning meeting in Brixton and evening drinks in Shoreditch? Work near both. A week of meetings in Edinburgh? Easy.

Fit work around your life by having a growing network of workspaces in your pocket.

How do I get access?

Get the app. Explore workspaces. Book. Easy as that.

You’ll start off on the 7 day free trial which will give you 75 free credits when you hit “book”. When you come around to choosing your subscription package after the free trial has ended, you’ll get a bunch more credits - you’re then able to use them however and wherever you choose: book workspace right now or up to a month in advance - it’s really whatever suits your schedule.

Where are the Workspaces?

Just in the UK… at the moment. We’re new in town (well, possibly not your town just yet) so if you don’t see any workspaces near you, make sure that you tell us through the app and we’ll work to change that.

There are new workspaces coming online all the time and we’re working full time to make the Desana network the most convenient in all of the UK, Europe… then the world.

How does the free week trial work?

You’ve made it here and we salute you! You’ll get 75 free credits on us - there’s no catch and you’ll get around 12 hours to explore the Desana network within a week of cashing in the free goodness. If you like what you see, stick around. If not, we’ll be sorry to lose you but we’ll be grateful that you dropped by! As long as you’ve cancelled before the end of your first 7 days, you won’t be charged a penny.

What are the working hours?

The spaces we work with set their opening hours and we’re as flexible as they can be :)

Feel free to jump on to the app at any time to see where’s available, whenever you need to.

What does “Desana” actually mean?

You’re not the only one thinking it and we’re glad you asked.

The Desana are a nomadic Amazonian tribe. They like to be on the move, meeting and spending time with other tribes. Their ways reminded us of our own - often on the move, dropping by lots of coworking space communities as we need to… except we’re mostly not in the Amazon.

Using Desana

Once I’ve made a booking, what happens?

You’ll get an email with all the details that you’ll need to find the work space, check in, access the Wi-Fi, and get settled. Your booking is also added to the “Bookings” section of the app (right in the middle down at the bottom of your screen).

If there are any unknowns, issues or feedback that you’d like to share, the workspace community manager will be able to help you out or, if you’d prefer, drop us a line:

We’re all ears 👂🏼

There’s no availability at the space I wanted to book — what do I do?

Our workspaces list their spare occupancy and it’s possible that they will fill up. Your best bet is to book early. If all else fails, try them again a little later or find another great space nearby - afterall, what would life be without the chance to explore!

The space I want to work at is open, but I can’t book the times I want! What’s going on?

Our workspaces can set how much notice they need before you arrive. If you’re struggling to book a space for the exact time you want but can see that there’s availability later in the day, this could be why.

In that case, feel free to book slightly later and have some you time in the interim - you could read in the sun, take a nap, make a smoothie, go for a bike ride, or watch 11 cat-based videos. If you’re keen to get straight down to business, however, you could try booking another space close by and book the first space another day instead.

How do I cancel my booking?

If there are more than 24 hours to go before the booking starts, you may cancel your booking with a full refund.

Real world example: Two Fridays ago you booked a space to work from in London on a Thursday. On the Tuesday you realise that your plans have changed. Since it’s more than 24 hours before the booking is due to start you’ll get a full refund if you cancel.

If your booking is made within 24 hours before the booking starts, you may cancel your booking with a full refund within 30 minutes of the booking being made.

Real world example: You want to work from Argyle Works tomorrow 9am til 12pm. You realise at 8.24am on the morning of your booking: it’s Specsavers contact lens checkup at 9.30am today! Fudge! You cancel before 8.30am and credits are paid back in full!

If your booking starts within 30 minutes of the booking being made, you may cancel your booking with a full refund before the booking starts.

Real world example: You book a space at Foxglove Offices which is only a 3 minute walk from you. On your way over you have to cancel, but your booking was made only 20mins ago. Hit cancel - all credits are returned.

What if I forget to show up?

No big deal, but we will still need to deduct credits from you to pay the workspace - it’s only fair because someone else could have missed the chance to take your place.


How long is a membership cycle?

Memberships are monthly recurring and payments will continue on a monthly cycle from the date of first subscription unless you choose to cancel your membership.

For example, if you joined Desana on 19/08/19, your membership subscription will automatically renew on the 19th of every month from then on. There is no commitment and you can cancel at any time. If you’d like this date changing, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you out!

How long do my credits last?

All credits are available to use for 2 months (starting from each monthly payment cycle) i.e. if you don’t use all your credits in April, they’ll still be available to use in May (along with your new credits from May).

If you cancel your subscription or downgrade your credit package, remaining credits will only be available until the end of your current cycle – for more on this see below.

What if I run out of credits before the next cycle?

If you would like more monthly credits you can choose to upgrade to another package at any time.

What if I’m paying for more credits that I need?

You can choose to swap over to any credit package at any time. If you are switching to a package that offers less credits than the package you are currently on, the switch will take place at the end of your current monthly payment cycle.

All credits in your account will be valid until the switch and any unused credits at the point of switch will no longer be valid. However, once your new credit package takes effect, you will still be able to attend bookings made and confirmed while you were still subscribing to your previous credit package. i.e. pre-existing bookings will remain valid for 30 days from the last day of your previous subscription.

How do I cancel my monthly membership?

In the Desana app go to Account > Subscription and Payment > Cancel Subscription.

Cancelation will take effect at the end of your current monthly payment cycle.

All credits in your account will be valid until the end date and any unused credits at the end of your subscription will no longer be valid. However, once cancellation has taken effect, you will still be able to attend bookings made and confirmed while you were still subscribing to the Desana network i.e. pre-existing bookings will remain valid for 30 days from the last day of your subscription.