Alchemy Cafe

As the name suggests, Alchemy coffee is nothing short of magical (especially first thing on a Monday morning). Specialising in light roasted beans, they are an independent roaster who works directly with farmers and producers globally - cutting out the middleman and ensuring their beans are ethically sourced.

Holy shot

With an emphasis on South American and Asian seasonal harvests, Holy Shot is all about that bold, bright bean. With various coffee methods to choose from (V60 anyone?), it’s a great place to start your espresso exploration.

Lantana Café

Since long haul flights are still something of an uncertainty, how about bringing a dash of sunshine home? Lantana is an Aussie brunch spot which is big on halloumi, smashed avo and all kinds of eggs; in summary, it’s a great find for veggie lovers (but not exclusively for veggie lovers). Based in a converted industrial space, think good vibes for a fresh lunch.

Blacklock Shoreditch

Certainly less green and veggie -friendly, Blacklock is all about the meat and makes no apologies for it. If you’ve been fiending affordable steaks, burgers, ribs and daily fresh chops, then bring your appetite and a good fifteen minutes for a post lunch-nap. Fancy going the whole hog? Their chips with drippings are infamous.


A newer addition to the London doughnut scene, Crosstown has slowly crept into best doughnut lists everywhere as well as my own personal heart. With a varied and regularly changing menu, you’ve got options for days; from classic raspberry jam to mango with chipotle chilli, they’re a reasonably priced treat. The cookies also, whilst not what they’re known for, are solid chunky filled slabs of joy.

A Brick Lane beigel

Given your proximity, it would be a crime not to dip into Brick Lane for a beigel break. The only question is: which one? Bagel bros Beigel Bake (the white front) and Beigel Shop (the yellow front) have sat side by side since 1974. And since 1974, East London has been trying to unanimously decide which is home to London’s most superior beigel. Open 24/7 and eye wateringly cheap, try both AND let us know where your vote goes.

The School of Traditional Arts

Have you ever felt tempted to dabble in something obscure and artsy? Maybe advanced geometric fold symmetry or classical Arabic calligraphy? Well, good news! Yes it’s niche, but The School of Traditional Arts have short courses throughout the year open to anyone with a keen interest in getting artsy.

BOXPARK Shoreditch

Trendy, lively, and a great spot to nip into for lunch or after a midweek workday, there’s plenty here to keep you entertained (AND well fed). Black Bear Burger are renowned, Salt Shed is a steak plus chimichurri haven, and Soft Serve Society is great spot for, you guessed it, soft serve ice cream (think Mr Whippy+++).

Dennis Severs’ house

In 1979 a man by the name of Dennis Severs bought a derelict house in Spitalfields and thought it would be pretty snazzy to turn the entire property into a reimagining of a 1700s Huguenot family. With candlelit tours, silent tours and solo exploration available, shimmy out of the hectic modern day and step back in time.

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*Cover photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.