Koa Coffee

Independent, invested in sourcing interesting and unusual beans and known for their statement botanical wallpaper (trust me, you’ll see it), this little gem is a few minutes’ walk from Exmouth Market and very much a sound spot to pick up a coffee on your way to work.

Attendant Clerkenwell

More than just coffee, Attendant is a brunch haven; they tend to have seasonal dishes which are as tasty as they are insta-worthy (avocado toast is, after all, timeless).

Prufrock Coffee

For the coffee aficionados out there, Prufrock is a staple amongst London’s caffeine community. For the less coffee-oriented folk, they also have delicious baked goods, brunch dishes and, occasionally, waffles.

Breddos Tacos

Who doesn’t want tacos for lunch? Originally a Hackney-based taco shack, Breddos now has two permanent taqueria locations: Clerkenwell and, if you’re feeling adventurous, Oslo.

Granger & Co

All day brunch, slinky interiors and famed for their (delicious) ricotta hotcakes with honey butter. Yes, you can call it lunch appropriate and Yes, as good as it sounds.

Ask For Janice

Lots of fish, veggie dishes and deliciously dressed salads, this is an excellent (and trendy) summer lunch spot.

The Quality Chop House

Both a little deli AND a very snazzy and well respected restaurant, the Quality Chop House is famed for their triple cooked chips and their sausage rolls. Maybe sample both and let us know which takes top place.

Necco Japanese Cafe Bar

If you’re more of a matcha fiend than a latte lover, then this very cute and quirky Japanese cafe might be right up your street. Think lots of mochi and mille crepe cakes.

Restaurant Dans Le Noir

It’s not just a restaurant, but a full immersive experience; Dans Le Noir gives you a mystery menu served in complete darkness to better focus on all our other senses. Things might get messy.

The Postal Museum

A really fun museum on more than just the, er, postal service. If you’re interested in social history then the exhibitions, videos and interactive displays will hit a home run. There is also the opportunity to ride an underground postal carriage...

Marx Memorial Library and Workers School

Founded in 1933, this gorgeous building is filled to the brim with all things socialist. They often hold brilliant lectures on the social impact of various historical movements and is so much more than simply a library.

Looking for a space to work in Clerkenwell? Then you might try the colourful and quirky Second Home on Clerkenwell Green or the modern and airy Boutique on Clerkenwell Road on Desana now.