Photo by Jill Mead, The Guardian.

Starting your day

And starting it off right.


In the mood to kick off your morning with a very modern caffeine hit? More than just flat whites, there are good vibes, pastries and a lovely selection of teas. And as we head into summer (plus hopefully weather to match) Fuckoffee also has you covered for all your coldbrew needs. Basically it’s coffee but edgy.

Little Bread Pedlar

More than just great bread (although the bread is also really really good), Little Bread Pedlar is a great spot for all yeasted doughs and baked goodies. Their focaccia is worth the trip alone.

Photo by The Little Bread Pedlar


Maltby Street Market

Something of a bustling and charming passage, Maltby Street is a great spot for summer drinks and deli goodies. Whilst there’s something for everyone every day of the week, for the full experience you wanna visit on a post Covid weekend.

Photo by Alamy.


Summer is coming but love for good pie is seasonless. M.Manze has been around since 1902 and wouldn’t you know it, after 100+ years of making pies, they’re pretty darn good! Mushy peas on the side are an optional addition to an already brilliant plate.

Little coffee break and stroll

St John bakery

Do you remember the gourmet doughnut crave of 2018? St John’s is hands down the instigator of said craze; and if you try one of their jammy doughnuts, you’ll see why.


Think quaint interior design, thick cut seeded bloomer sandwiches and sausage rolls, the WatchHouse is a gentle space for a little reprieve and getting your afternoon pick me up.

And the best of the rest

Bermonds Locke

Want to stay over and end your week on a high? Spending the night at Bermonds Locke is the most aesthetically pleasing pastel staycation experience you could probably have.

Photo by Bermonds Locke

If you want to get your culture fix, White Cube gallery always has an interesting selection of modern and evocative art to hand.

Photo by Jansen Yang on Unsplash

Potter’s field park

Sometimes it’s just nice to grab a sandwich, find a nice grassy patch of green and watch the world go by.

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