Think working flexibly working means you can’t progress in your career? Management Today are out to prove you wrong, releasing lists this week of Power Returners, Power Founders, Power Climbers and Power Job Sharers (“power” here means someone getting ahead who is, in some way, working flexibly).

They also have a list of Power Employers (just the two actually: the Civil service and Figleaves - the former has a platform that allows you to find someone to job share with and the latter has core working hours of 10am - 4pm ).

To add further proof, Timewise found that 1 million high earners (aka people who earn more that £40,000 pro rata) in the UK work part time.

The importance of time over money to people was made clear in a survey of 1,000 employees: the workers who say that they already have work-life balance would need to be paid a whopping $10,000 a year extra to give that up.

If you actually want to achieve work-life balance, here is some concrete, tough-love advice on how to allocate your time effectively.

Finally, one story that caught the attention of the media this week was Tamsin Thomas’s - she is Head of PR and Communications for in Cornwall Hospice Care but she lives in the Falklands, 8,000 miles away. Tellingly, she says that she is more productive working remotely, getting the same amount of work done in 20 hours that she previously did in 37.5 hours.

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