In less than a year we partnered with more than 500 workspaces around the world - here’s how we made it possible

Desana is now officially partnered with more than 500 workspaces, a huge milestone considering how long we have been operating - as well as 2020, the year that turned the world upside down.

To celebrate the occasion, we want to share the things that are the most important to us when building long-lasting relationships with flex operators all over the world.

We know each and every one of our operators

We’ve not just scraped the internet for flexible workspace listings. We have a real relationship with each and every one of the operators listed on Desana meaning that there’s no risk of out of date listings or us not being updated if they move location or close.

It all starts with our obsession with giving our customers the best possible experience. In order to achieve that, we believe it’s important to tailor what is available to each customer’s  needs. When researching and choosing potential partners, we don’t only look for strategic locations, we seek those that will provide the best experience for Desana users.

Good customer service then is a must: we appreciate it, we stand for it. This is why our own customer service strategies are built on honesty, clarity and efficiency. We’re also deeply personal - we not only know the names of all key staff on-site at our partner locations, we also check-in often enough to know what's happening in their lives (loving the new roof terrace, Nomadworks!).

We are approachable

We truly value the relationships we have with our users and operators, and for this reason, we make ourselves available to them - at all times.

We are there for them when they need us. And by “we”, we mean all Desanians: everyone in the company has been trained on how to deal with our customers and almost the entire team would be able to handle requests from partners and users.

We also like to check in with our operator partners so everything is running as smoothly as it can be on both sides. This is why we are always in contact with our network of partners to understand how they are coping with everything out there. Are they running normally? Is there any change in opening hours that we should be aware of? Is there anything we can do to help them?

After all, we know they’re busy, so we like to anticipate things.

We build sustainable partnerships

We’re always working back from the question of, “how can we build a partnership that can last for 10 year, not the next 10 mins”.

We’re keen to make partnering with Desana sustainable for the long term for operators. It means we never devalue their product by “discounting” or being wildly mis-alligned with their current pricing, afterall, it’s not at all the point of our product.

It also means working with customer types that really fit with their core business. We’ve decided to focus on scaling teams and enterprise, and have found this to be very complementary to many flexible workspaces.

We care

We nurture relationships: our operators are part of the Desana community and we want to be there for them - and we mean it.

From featuring workspaces’ achievements on our social media to sending treats as a form of appreciation when things don't go as expected, we want them to feel part of Desana - and ultimately, we want them to feel supported.

And as partners in business, keeping up to date with the world of work is essential, so we are always looking for the latest news on everything about flexible workspace and working trends.  We take that insight and distill it into weekly blogs here.  You can also receive them monthly in your mail box by signing up for our newsletter here.

Today we are celebrating our network of five hundred amazing workspaces in different corners of the world - whilst looking forward to welcoming five hundred more (and soon).

If you run a workspace and want to join Desana, please reach out to us here.