Parents won't move jobs without flexible guarantee

More than half of parents won’t change jobs because they aren’t guaranteed flexibility in their new role. Family Friendly Working Scotland found that only one in eight full-time roles with salaries over £20,000 were advertised with flexible working. Although the study was restricted to Scotland, it has implications for flexible working on a wider scale, particularly for companies that are recruiting.

Remote workers are more likely to be lonely

61% of Americans are lonely, according to a survey by health insurer Cigna. That is an increase of 7% since last year’s report. This is bad news for employers: lonely workers say they think about quitting their job more than twice as often as non-lonely workers. Remote workers are more likely than non-remote workers to feel lonely. If you are concerned that this might be your team, Inc provides some company culture solutions.

Flexible working helps women attempting to conceive

Although some companies now provide financial assistance for employees attempting to conceive, more needs to be done, says author Caroline Corcoran. She argues that lack of flexibility can harm prospective parents and cause women to leave jobs or accept demotions in order allow more time for IVF. With more than 75,000 cycles of IVF taking place every year in the UK, she makes the point that flexible working is an effective way to give employees what they want.

  1. Enterprise clients will increasingly turn to flexible workspace as a real estate solution
  2. Hospitality and amenities will become more important as to how operators distinguish themselves. A major hotel chain will start operating standalone workspaces.
  3. Flexible workspace operators will put more emphasis on wellness and sustainability.
  4. There will be more flexible workspaces in the suburbs, most of these will be local operators or franchises of the large workspaces operators.
  5. Although larger operators will keep growing, they will not dominate the market and there will still be a need for local operators.

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