Bricks. Mortar. Desks. WiFi.

This is what an office is made up of, but it’s not what an office is.

A workspace can make the difference between whether someone feels connected to their organisation or thinks of it as just a job.

It makes the difference between whether someone will get home in time to read their child a bedtime story or get stuck on a broken-down commuter train.

It makes the difference between having a rich and varied life outside of work or feeling like a corporate drone.

Now multiply that by several thousand and you can see that bricks and mortar decisions end up being decisions that impact on the quality of thousands of lives.

And those decisions, taken at this scale, therefore have a knock on effect on city infrastructure and environmental sustainability.

Our webinar will examine the impact that real estate decision making can have on people, cities and the planet.

You’ll hear from Javier Gomez (Senior Director, EMEA WD+C Environments at Nike) and Johan Vanlook (Director of Global Workspaces at Elastic)

What to expect?

  • Learn how the pandemic has influenced workspace strategy at Nike and Elastic.
  • How enterprise companies are thinking about the future of office space.
  • Virtual roundtables with enterprise real estate peers to share knowledge on the evolution of the industry (invite-only).


Thursday, 2nd December 2021, 2pm - 3.30pm GMT

You can sign up on Eventbrite or find out more information here.