Over the past year, Desana has been the partner of choice for some incredible businesses helping to simplify and solve all of their hybrid workspace needs. Desana ultimately gives their employees more choice, trust and autonomy over where and how they work.

Many of these companies have graciously agreed to share their experiences which we are delighted to be able to share with you.

We hope that this series gives you a feel for how businesses are partnering with Desana in order to navigate the new world of working!

Introducing Desana's Case Study Series and our first company to be spotlighted: MyTutor.

Who are MyTutor

Industry: Education.

People: 280 employees.

Location: Globally distributed team using Desana across the UK, Europe, the USA, and South Africa.

Capital raised: £27m .

MyTutor is the UK’s leading online tutoring platform offering tailored one-to-one lessons with top tutors.

Their network of 20,000 tutors have delivered over 2 million lessons to date, supporting hundreds of thousands of parents, and over 1,000 secondary schools.

The pandemic caused massive disruption to education. MyTutor has supported 30,000 students with catch-up learning sessions over the past academic year. As a result, MyTutor has been recognised as an official provider for the National Tuition Programme for the second year running.

The Challenge MyTutor faced

A scaling, globally distributed team with a fixed lease in central London

MyTutor had a leased HQ in central London - until the Covid-19 pandemic necessitated a change in their operations. The work-from-home mandate meant that MyTutor was haemorrhaging money on their HQ. The new landscape quickly revealed that distributed hiring was beneficial for MyTutor's ambitious growth plans while also fulfilling their team's desire for greater flexibility. It became clear that the single office model no longer served MyTutor’s people strategy, nor their business needs.

The Solution

With Desana, MyTutor’s 280 staff have seamless access to hot desks, breakout spaces, phone booths, meeting rooms and private offices throughout the UK, the USA, South Africa, Portugal, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain. All access is frictionless, with no manual intervention from leadership.

Desana gives company decision makers access to a network of on-demand spaces in a way that is scalable, controllable, and sustainable.

The Outcome

Save Money

This is what MyTutor's Head of People, Will Beaton, has to say:

“We’ve saved a fortune thanks to Desana. We were able to let go of the office which was a massive weight off our shoulders. If we had jumped straight back into an office (after lockdown) instead of incrementally increasing Desana then we would have spent way, way more money. We would have also had periods where the office was completely empty, which would have been very bad.”

Rebuilding Culture with “Find Your Team”

As life slowly returns to ‘normal’, many companies are now faced with the challenge of rebuilding their culture, eroded by the pandemic. Working remotely is massively beneficial in a number of ways. However, it can be hard to feel like you’re part of something bigger when you’re physically isolated from the rest of your team. In response to this challenge, we created the "find your team" functionality in the Desana app. It has been praised by several of our customers for helping to encourage cross-team mixing, thereby contributing to the efforts to regenerate company culture.

We help you learn about your people's preferences with our unique data usage reports

We collect and process data to helps you understand what your people want and need.

For example, our data revealed that the most popular office spaces for MyTutor employees are in East and Central London. This data is crucial because it will help Will decide the location of their future HQ. Our data also helps Will get a sense of which days of the week his staff like to book into co-working spaces. This is useful in terms of planning how to stagger staff in a future HQ.  

“The data usage reports help us figure out how we  would stagger staff as well as the  size and location of the HQ we would need in the future.”

The numbers demonstrate strong uptake Of Desana by MyTutor staff

MyTutor employees enjoy working in Desana spaces across the world. The usage data shows that the most popular cities are: London, Bristol, Paris, New York and Cape Town.

Because Desana supports distributed, remote working, MyTutor has been able to hire top talent based on a ‘right fit’ approach as opposed to being limited by specific geographic locations.

Our people want to help your people

Industry leading customer service

We pride ourselves on our personal approach to customer service and we strive to do everything we can to simplify and cater to our customers' workspace needs.

“The thing I like the most about Desana is the team and customer service. It all feels super integrated which I really, really love. The responses are really quick. Desana’s culture is also friendly and not too formal, which fits well with ours and the way we interact with each other.”

If you'd like to find out more about how Desana can help your business solve all  its hybrid work needs, please reach out to us here.